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General Patient Information

General Information

Our multidisciplinary staff is here to help you. They are highly skilled professionals; trained to do the very things you need during your stay. Our patient care teams work with you and your physician to provide a plan of care individualized to your unique needs. Never hesitate to ask your nurse or any caregiver working with you for the assistance you may require.Your safety and comfort is of prime concern to every member of the hospital staff. We are constantly on alert to prevent accidents. Here are several ways you can help.

  • Always call a nurse and ask for help rather than attempt some action or movement that may result in an accidental strain or fall.
  • Wear your identification band.
  • Use the "call" button on your bed to contact a staff member. Please allow time for your nurse to arrive, as they may be attending to another patient. Wear non-skid slippers and avoid wet floors.
  • Please do not attempt to get in or out of bed or a wheelchair without requesting assistance from a staff member.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, tamper with any medical equipment.State regulations require the hospital to stage periodic fire and disaster drills. Please do not be alarmed.

All UMMC staff are required to wear a badge identifying them as such. If you encounter persons without identification, please alert your nurse or caregiver.UMMC has contracted with an agency to provide security. We will provide around the clock escort services to your car, which we encourage after hours. Contact security by dialing 0 for the operator for an escort.

Home medication will be returned to a family member to take home or will be locked up in our pharmacy until you are ready for discharge. Do not take your home medications without the knowledge or permission of your doctor. Illegal drugs or herbal/otc medications are not allowed. Illegal drugs may be confiscated and turned into police.


Patient Meals

During your stay at our hospital, our goal is to provide the nutritious, satisfying meals you need for recuperation. You will be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your room during your stay. Dietitians are on staff to consult with you and your physician for any nutritional needs or questions you may have. Advise your nurse if you need nutritional support services.

The Cafeteria

Your guests may enjoy the hospital's cafeteria, which offers a choice of hot and cold meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served. Call "0" for cafeteria hours. You may ask to have a guest tray delivered to your room at an additional charge.An assortment of snacks and soft drinks are available from the vending machines located in the cafeteria dining room.


In accordance with state law, UMMC is a none smoking facilities. Smoking is prohibited inside the hospital. Smoking is also prohibited in front of the hospital or any public entry or exit.


Basic cable programming is complimentary for our patients. The controls are located on the nurse call button.

Lost and Found

If you should lose something while a guest here, please contact your nurse immediately. If you should discover that something is missing after you leave, please call the Administrative offices of the hospital you were in and ask for assistance.The hospital is not responsible for personal care items, jewelry or other valuables.

Public Telephones

Are located in the hospotal lobby.

Postal Services

Mail will be delivered to patient rooms Monday through Friday. Any mail received after your discharge will be forwarded to your home address. Outgoing mail can be delivered to Administration or given to your nurse to deliver. Mail must be received by 11 am to go out that day. Appropriate postage must be attached. There is a post office box outside the lobby at Parkway.

Health Care Information

Information about your health care is confidential, and UMMC recognizes the importance of protecting your privacy and have developed numerous mechanisms to maintain confidentiality. Except as specifically authorized by state law, you have the right to determine the information which the hospital may release about you. Unless you request otherwise, your name is added to the hospital's patient roster upon your admission. This allows you to receive telephone calls, flowers, mail, and visitors. Your religious preference may be provided to ministers upon request. The hospital may acknowledge your presence and provide a one-word condition report, upon request.You have the right to request that no information be released, except that authorized by law. If you choose to be a "no information" patient, your presence will not be acknowledged and you will not receive telephone calls, flowers, etc. Please be sure to notify your nurse or the admitting office if that is your choice.


Housekeeping services are provided throughout the day for our patients. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the cleanliness of your room, please talk to your nurses and they will assist you in contacting housekeeping.

Notary Public

If you require the services of a notary public while you are in the hospital, please contact your nurse and they will help make arrangements.


If you need the assistance of a language interpreter, please advise your nurse.

Organ and Blood Donation

Medicare requires that all hospital deaths be reported to LifeGift, which is the organ and tissue donation center for southeast Texas. If the patient is medically suitable for donation, LifeGiftwili speak to or meet with family members to discuss the options for donation. If you would like additional information regarding organ and tissue donation, please speak to the nursing supervisor or call LifeGift at713-523-4438.

Families wishing to donate blood or bone marrow, in the name of UMMC may speak to the nursing supervisor or may contact the Gulf Coast Blood Center at 713-790-1200.